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Message from the President

More than half a century has passed since Sun Industry was established in 1968.
During that time, the evolution of technology in the world has led to the development of products that enrich people's lives one after another.
During that time, technological advances have led to the development of products that enrich people's lives.
Sun Industry makes full use of excellent printing and milling technologies to provide products that meet various demands, including flat panel displays (FPDs), for automobile parts and amusement parts that require high quality.
In terms of quality, we acquired ISO9001 certification in September 2007, and in terms of environment, we acquired ISO14001 certification in July 2010, and have earned the high trust of our customers.
As the communication system evolves from 5G (5th generation mobile communication system) to 6G (6th generation mobile communication system), the automobile will transform from a simple means of transportation to a space that can be enjoyed. In half a century, we will probably see more devices that excite us.
By combining new materials and processing technology for such a new world, Sun Industry aims to be a company that offers a wide range of new possibilities, such as parts for semiconductor equipment.
We appreciate your continued support and patronage.

President and CEONaito Hideki

Company Profile

Company Name Sun Industry Co., Ltd.
Capital 40Million Yen
President and CEO Naito Hideki
Number of employees 110
Location Zip-code:660-0095
Contact Information TEL:06-6418-0126 / FAX:06-6418-0181
Bank The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
The Shikoku Bank, Ltd.
Resona Bank, Limited.
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Corporate History

Sep. 1969 Daiya Industrial Co., Ltd. established with capital of 10 million yen
Dec. 1969 Head office plant operation started
Oct. 1980 Changed company name to Sun Industry Co., Ltd.
May 1981 New Motohama plant established
Feb. 1982 Relocated headquarters and headquarters plant (attached to Motohama factory)
June 2000 Increased capital to 40 million yen
Sep. 2007 Obtained ISO 9001 certification
Feb. 2008 Completion of new plant
Jul. 2010 Obtained ISO 14001 certification
Sep. 2017 Transfer operations and equipment from Diatec Co., Ltd.