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Message from the President

IT products such as mobile phones and PCs that continue to evolve every day.
These are evolving as tools to support human life.
The Flat Panel Display (FPD) is used for the Man-Machine Interface that plays its most important role.
Sun Industries manufactures this FPD protective plate using superior Printing Technology and cutting technology.
In addition, many of Sun Industry's products, such as induction light panels and amusement cosmetics, are closely related to daily life, making your life richer.
Also in terms of quality, we acquired ISO 9001 in July 2007 and have earned high trust from our customers.
Products manufactured by Sun Industry are all compliant with RoHS, and we are a future-friendly company that is kind to the earth.
From now on, Sun Industries will continue its corporate activities with the goal of "good products, good cost performance, on time delivery".

President and CEOTakaaki Nakagawa

Company Profile

Company Name Sun Industry Co., Ltd.
Capital 40Million Yen
President and CEO Takaaki Nakagawa
Executives Director / Mitsuhisa Taguchi
Director / Niino Katsuhiko
Director / Hiroyuki Sakamoto
Outside Audit / Kiyoshi Kawazu
Number of employees 110
Location Zip-code:660-0095
Contact Information TEL:06-6418-0126 / FAX:06-6418-0181
Bank The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
The Shikoku Bank, Ltd.
Links ・The Advanced Materials Processing Institute Kinki Japan(

Corporate History

Sep. 1969 Daiya Industrial Co., Ltd. established with capital of 10 million yen
Dec. 1969 Head office plant operation started
Oct. 1980 Changed company name to Sun Industry Co., Ltd.
May 1981 New Motohama plant established
Feb. 1982 Relocated headquarters and headquarters plant (attached to Motohama factory)
June 2000 Increased capital to 40 million yen
Sep. 2007 Obtained ISO 9001 certification
Feb. 2008 Completion of new plant
Jul. 2010 Obtained ISO 14001 certification
Sep. 2017 Transfer operations and equipment from Diatec Co., Ltd.