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Environment and Quality Policy

1. We will strive to contribute continuously to environmental protection and continuously improve quality.
2. We will comply with our compliance with business activities.
3. We respect customer requests and always aim for customer satisfaction.
4. We will strive to prevent environmental pollution.
5. Set environmental and quality goals and work to achieve them
6. Improve and Develop the Environment and Quality Management System.
7. Among the Environmental Impact of our Company, we will focus on the following matters.
 ①Resource recycling ②Energy saving activities ③Environmental education for employees

Environmental Initiatives

We have acquired ISO14001 certification of environmental management system, and all products comply with "RoHS Directive" and "REACH Regulation" from Europe as "requirements for management of environmentally hazardous substances" and "GADSL" of automobile industry etc. Doing.
In addition to the above, we strive to always fully respond to relevant domestic and international laws and regulations, customer-specific requirements, and industry regulations.
Furthermore, in order to thoroughly manage chemical cargo substances, we have developed and operated a “chemical substance management database system” in-house, and we aim to always be at the forefront of the industry in terms of environmental management.

Based on thorough quality control, Latest Technology products are born.

We have acquired ISO 9001 certification of Quality Management System.The Printing-process and Inspection-process are conducted in a clean room in order to carry out quality control to satisfy customers.In addition, product inspection is not sampling, and we always carry out 100% inspection.Furthermore, all production data are managed by the "Production Control Database System" developed in-house, which is useful for confirmation of production status and investigation / analysis / analysis in case of trouble.